Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SAS zOne

My practical was began placed at SAS(Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah) started 11th of May till 17 July 2009.
warghhh!!SAS such a big name.
can't believe it that SAS was my placed.
so many other students of education faculty& y must me selected 2 that place.
n now i'm here&I begin 2 lOve that school.
teachers&students are give all comitment 2 us.
tq 2 thOse peOple.1st day

Teacher's Day

2 친구:

rOha said...

cikgu o cikgu

RoSe_ViOleTE said...

selamat berpraktikal cikgu dirot...

E.L.F gak yea??
same as me!!!
Super Juni-OR!!ohio!!